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Killer Sameer Syed’s body flown back to India for burial

DUBLIN: The government has granted permission for the body of criminal Sameer Syed, who murdered his two children and wife, to be repatriated to his native of Bangalore. An official at the Indian Embassy confirmed that the body was sent to Bangalore after relatives sought consular assistance.

However, Seema’s family, who wanted to bury their loved ones in their homeland, did not get justice as her husband Sameer insisted on burying them in Ireland. Assistant Consular Officer at the Embassy of India, Sameer Rawat, confirmed that Sameer Syed’s body had been repatriated back to his home country.

Seema’s nephew Kashief Ahmed said the consular decision was another blow to their family. He said they were desperately trying to get over to Ireland to visit Seema and her kids’ graves. “We haven’t been to her resting place yet but with the support of the Irish police department we might visit her and the children. We feel helpless and we can’t get justice too as he took the easy way out,” Kashief said.

In the days after the murder, Seema’s family hoped the bodies would be repatriated to India for the final rites. But as next of kin, Syed’s wish was considered and they were buried in Ireland. He was not accused in the case at that time.

Syed killed his wife Seema Banu (37), daughter Asfira (11) and six-year-old son Faizan in October 2020. Syed committed suicide in the cell days before he was due to go on trial for the murders.

All three were buried in Newcastle cemetery, the only Muslim cemetery in Dublin. Kasheif said: “We were helpless at the time as he (Syed) was next of kin. We were helpless and before he could get caught the funeral had already taken place. And now we can’t get them back because in our religion after burial repatriation is not allowed.”

Seema and her children were strangled to death at a house in Llewellyn Court, Rathfarnham, South Dublin. She suffered physical and mental torture from her husband who tried to strangle her twice before he killed the entire family.

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