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Liveline listeners were outraged by HSE’s new advice to masturbate and watch pornographic videos

What a shameful Health Department! Anyone who’s heard of HSE’s latest advice may be thinking the same.

HSE’s new advice on masturbating, viewing pornography, or engaging in online sex to protect yourself from Covid-19.

Although the new advice from HSE and the Irish Pharmacy Union was intended to encourage people to limit their sexual activity during the global health pandemic, Liveline listeners were outraged.

Although Leaflet does not advise people to watch pornographic videos, they allege that many view it as porn videos.

These advise people to consider masturbation or remote sex (online) instead of having sex with others. People across the country have started reacting against this. Critics all say in unison that these may lead to sexual anarchy.

Many people responded that they were concerned about teenagers viewing HSE leaflets. The audience said that this could lead them to masturbate and it would be very bad for their family and future.

From a religious point of view, people should not masturbate. One listener said that religion teaches that sex can only be used for reproduction.

“But there are a lot of parents out there who deal in various different ways with their teenage offspring and sexual education in one way or another,” he added.

If you have never had sex in your life, you will not die. You have to understand that not all people in the world have sex,” said another.

When God created humans, he gave them a law to live by. One parent commented that sex is meant to be shared with one’s own wife and not with someone you meet on the road.

Who authorized HSE to promote masturbation? Will the whole world be sick if no one is obeying with HSE in this regard?

Another pointed out that watching pornographic videos and masturbating can destroy healthy relationships.

One young woman commented that I was shocked, along with everyone in Ireland. Wouldn’t these pamphlets cause you to start the way to pornographic videos? She also ask if this advice will not embarrass the millions of people who happily live at home.

But there was also a group of people to justify the pamphlet. They argued that Leaflet was not advising to watch pornographic videos. They also pointed out that Leaflet intends to send messages online or make online video calls.

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