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Living Cert Grading errors makes student’s life miserable

The error in Living Cert grading is making student’s life harder. While the government and the education department say the problem will be solved soon, reports suggest that it is unlikely to get flawless grades even next week.

About 6,500 students lost the grades they deserved due to the authorities’ mistake.

As many as 6,500 students were given new grading yesterday evening, but complaints are still rising across the country.

The Department of Education has confirmed that admission to colleges will be possible this year but these students who get higher grades will not get admission to some of the most sought after courses like Medicine and Dentistry.

In this case, it is clear that the future of the children is really at stake. Meanwhile, the government hired the US-based ETS Educational Testing Service to review various aspects of coding.

The Department of Education has stated that a complete rectification process will not take place due to lack of time.

It is alleged that the authorities took action yesterday to resolve the grading issue in an easy way.

The effort was to convert the majority of students who missed out on a higher grade into a single grade. This equates to about 10 CAO points at the highest level.

When the work is completed, the education department will finalize the results and give them to the students by the end of next week, the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Simon Harris held talks with stakeholders in the third tier sector on the availability of an additional 1,000 college seats.

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