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Namasthe is the new Hello; World Leaders adapts the Indian way of greeting

Covid-19 has brought in a lot of changes in the day to day lives of the people. Face coverings, sanitizers and hand washes have become an integral part of the mankind. Because of the chances of the virus spread, people have learned and practiced social distancing since the breakout of the virus.

The way of greetings has also changed very much. Fist punch and elbow handshakes has replaced the normal handshakes amongst the society.

Most of the greeting comprises of hugging, handshakes and kisses, but the Indian style of greeting is entirely different from these. Recently the French President Emmanuel Macron greeted the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in an Indian tradition.

In a video shared by the president on Twitter, the European leaders where greeting each other with folded hands and bowing each other. This way of greeting was practiced in India since histories, but its only now that the Indian ‘namaste’ became so popular.

The video became viral after a viewer tagged it with a #namaste. As a following to this many came with different-different comments about the gesture.  Many where proud to see their tradition being upfolded and practiced by other world leaders.

Indians have been practicing this method ever since their childhood, but the other places have different way of greeting. The French way of greeting is not at all suitable for the present situation, because it comprises of handshakes, hugs and air kisses. It is because of this; the French President has chosen to welcome his counterparts with folded hands.

Other than President Macron, Prince Charles, US President Donald Trump and Ireland Taoiseach Leo Vardkar also started greeting others with a ‘Namaste’ instead of handshakes.

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