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New Covid Antigen Test Center opens in Dublin for Christmas travelers; Result within half an hour

A new Covid antigen testing center has opened near Dublin Airport for Christmas passengers.

People can get a drive-through screening here, where they get the test results in 30 minutes.

V1 Medical, founded by two Irish pilots with medical backgrounds, has opened a new testing center in Furry Park, Santry. A test costs 95 euros.

At the same time, V1 is equipped with the facility to send mobile testing teams to homes, workplaces or social gatherings such as weddings.

V1 co-founder and pilot Fiona O’ Flaherty said that many people had booked for the test for Christmas evening and that the day before Christmas was the busiest day ever booked.

People can be tested while sitting in vehicles. No need to wait for days for results like PCR test. Antigen test results are available within half an hour, Fiona O’ Flaherty said.

The company offers Roche Rapid antigen tests here.

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