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New variant of COVID-19 confirmed in India; 20 people were diagnosed with the disease

A new variant of COVID-19 discovered in UK has been confirmed in India. Over the past two days, 20 people have confirmed a new variant of COVID-19. A two-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh has been diagnosed with the new virus.

Six people returning from the UK were diagnosed with a new variant for the first time in the country on Tuesday. The new virus was first detected in three people being treated at Nimhans in Bengaluru, two at CCMB in Hyderabad and one at NIV in Pune.

A test conducted at the Institute of Virology, Pune, found that the virus had reached India. Subsequently, 14 more people were diagnosed with the virus.

COVID-19 has been confirmed in a number of people returning from the UK, but tests have been carried out to see if a new variant is in progress. However, the Health Ministry said there was no cause for concern.

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