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NPHET says homes have been the largest source of COVID-19; government to impose new nationwide regulations

The number of COVID-19 cases in Ireland is increasing day by day. Following this, the government has imposed new restrictions across the country to reduce social contact.

One death and 470 cases were confirmed in the country in a single day yesterday. Following this NPHET proposed the restriction of home visits. And it was approved by the government.

The new guideline is not to visit more than two homes at any one time. A maximum of 6 people in the same house is allowed to visit another house.

More than 400 new cases are coming in every day, as if at the highest level of the pandemic. The most important concern is that 68% of the confirmed cases are under 45 years of age. And 40% of them have outbreaks or close contact with the patient.

At the same time, COVID is not yet under control in Dublin. The highest rate was confirmed here yesterday; 198. 61 in Cork, 36 in Donegal, 19 in Kildare, 19 in Limerick, 12 in Kerry, 11 in Galway, 11 in Meath, 10 in Roscommon, 9 in Cavan, 9 in Clare, 9 in Kilkenny, 9 in Longford, 9 in Offaly, 9 in Westmeath, 8 in Louth, 7 in Tipperary, and 7 in Wexford. The remaining 17 cases spreads across the 7 counties.

Rumors are spreading that Level 3 restrictions will be imposed this weekend in Dublin and Donegal as well as in more counties, including Cork, due to rising infection rates.

NPHET Under the new national regulations recommended, only a maximum of six people can move from one house to another or socialise together.

Further restrictions were recommended as homes became the largest source of COVID-19. More than 1,200 active clusters of families were confirmed this week.

The Acting Chief Medical Officer, Ronan Glynn said that it is essential to limit their social interactions to prevent the spread of the disease. The situation is very serious at the national level.

“Behave as though you have the virus and keep yourself and those around you safe – don’t take a risk by organising or attending gatherings with more than one other household,” Dr. Glynn said.

Rising rates of infection are affecting hospitals as well. There has been a 30% increase in the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the past week.

On Friday alone, 117 people were admitted to the hospital. 21 of them are in intensive care. More than 37,000 cases have been confirmed so far in Ireland. There were also 1,801 deaths.

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