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October 7 Hamas Attack Sparks Ongoing Conflict with Israel

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will not withdraw from Gaza even if Hamas terrorists are eliminated. He said that even if the war ends, the army will remain in Gaza.

Israel will not declare a full ceasefire without releasing all 240 people held hostage by Hamas militants. The next phase of Israel’s offensive, which has killed thousands of Palestinians, is targeting efforts to locate and disable a vast tunnel network of Hamas fighters under the enclave. Explosives are being used, Chief Israeli Military Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said.

After Hamas terrorists killed 1,400 people and took nearly 240 hostages in a cross-border attack on October 7, Israel attacked Gaza from the air and used ground forces to bisect the coastal strip.

Last night, many people were killed in the massive Israeli attacks on Khan Younis, Rafah, and Deir al-Balah areas in southern Gaza. Housing complexes were also bombed in the Zeitoun area of Gaza City. 10,328 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza so far in the war by Israel after Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7.

At the same time, the Israeli army stated that it had divided Gaza into two. Israel’s military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, told the media that Gaza City has been surrounded by Israeli forces and divided into northern Gaza and southern Gaza, an important step in Israel’s war against Hamas.

Daniel Hagari’s response came after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited the West Bank and Iraq with the aim of helping the people of Gaza. Israeli media also reported that Israeli forces would enter Gaza City within 48 hours.

At the same time, Hamas leader Ghazi Hamad told Al Jazeera television that they “challenge (Israel) to record any military gains on the ground other than killing civilians until this moment. Gaza is unbreakable and will remain a thorn in the throat of the Americans and Zionists,” Hamad said.

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