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“One in Five Struggle to Afford Homes Amidst the Cost of Living Crisis”

Dublin: A recent survey report highlights the housing crisis gripping Ireland, revealing that a significant portion of the population is unable to purchase homes due to soaring living costs. According to findings from the My Home website survey, half of Ireland’s homeless population has postponed buying a house. Furthermore, the survey underscores widespread dissatisfaction with the government’s housing policies.

Only 5% of respondents believe the government is actively addressing housing market issues, with the majority perceiving the government’s response as indifferent. There is a prevailing sentiment that a change in leadership might improve the situation, although opinions are divided, with 43% expressing neutrality on this matter.

Despite having the financial means, nearly half of those surveyed (45%) are unwilling to wait for interest rates to decrease before purchasing a home. Additionally, 63% have saved money for home buying, while 53% anticipate further increases in house prices over the next year. The survey, conducted with 2,223 participants between April and May, highlights significant apprehension (78%) regarding the state of the property market, particularly the scarcity of available housing.

Amidst this backdrop, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou Mc Donald presented the survey report in Parliament, alleging government failure in providing affordable housing. She criticised the government for exacerbating the difficulty of homeownership and emphasised the need for proactive solutions.

In response, Prime Minister Harris defended the government’s efforts, asserting that record housing supply initiatives are underway, with 12,000 houses already in construction this year. However, Mary Lou countered, accusing the government of lacking substantive action beyond rhetoric. She stressed the urgency of providing affordable housing to those in need, emphasising that mere promises are insufficient.

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