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Online shopping will be more expensive from today as new VAT rules come into force

DUBLIN: Irish online shoppers will have to spend more money starting today (July 1) as the new VAT rules take effect. Goods purchased from outside the European Union will be charged more since a VAT exemption on imported goods valued €22 or less ended yesterday, June 30.

From now on, all goods arriving in Ireland from non-EU countries, regardless of their value or when they were ordered, will be subject to the new charge. As a result of Brexit, the UK will also be a part of it, so buyers can see significant price increases.

Meanwhile, Revenue stated that the new rules will ensure that goods imported from outside the EU receive no VAT advantage over those purchased within European countries.

Maureen Dalton, principal officer in Revenue’s Customs Division, said the applicable VAT rate to these goods will be the relevant rate that would apply regardless of where they were purchased.

“If the supplier is operating a duty paid model, the total price paid for the goods at the time of purchase will generally include Irish VAT and any duties due, meaning no further Revenue charges will arise. However, the consumer must then pay any additional charges to the postal service or parcel operator before the goods are delivered,” she said.

Revenue has also warned customers to check whether the advertised price for goods includes all tax and customs costs before shopping online. “Make sure you are clear on the full cost of a product before you order it online. This will ensure you are not faced with any additional unanticipated charges when you take delivery,” Ms. Dalton said.

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