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Overcrowding in hospitals will be catastrophic if not resolved – INMO warns

DUBLIN: The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) has warned that if the overcrowding and related issues in hospitals are not addressed, it would result in a major catastrophe.

The union said that there will be a combined ‘attack’ of flu and Covid-19 during winter. The INMO also demanded that healthcare workers be given the Covid and flu vaccines as soon as possible.

“The level of hospital overcrowding we have seen throughout this summer has been a cause of serious concern. Since the beginning of May we have seen 27,832 patients without a bed in Irish hospitals including 9,191 in July,” INMO Director of Professional Services Tony Fitzpatrick said.

With hospitals severely overcrowded, the INMO anticipates a “twindemic” of the flu and Covid-19. Over 9,191 patients were left without a bed in July, a 52% rise from the same month last year.

University Hospital Limerick, Cork University Hospital and University Hospital Galway were the most overcrowded in the country last month. University Hospital Limerick had 1,268 patients without a bed last month. Cork University Hospital: 1,000 patients, University Hospital Galway: 998 patients and St. Vincent’s University Hospital: 692 patients.

Tony Fitzpatrick said in a statement that the country is in “for a very bleak winter” if this issue is not tackled.

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