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Pollution accounts for 10 percent of cancer cases in Europe, study finds….

A European Environment Agency (EEA) study reports that pollution is responsible for 10% of cancer cases in Europe. According to the EEA report, air pollution, second-hand smoke, chemicals such as radon-asbestos, and ultraviolet radiation are to blame for the country’s 2.7 million cancer cases reported each year.

Every year, 1.3 million people in Europe die from cancer, according to the report. Financial costs for medical treatment are also increasing. According to the report, the total cost of cancer treatment in Europe in 2018 was €178 billion.

Pollution causes cancer.

In their report, the EEA also details how various pollutants cause cancer. According to the report, air pollution is to blame for 1% of cancer cases in Europe. Air pollution is responsible for 2% of all cancer deaths. The mortality rate for lung cancer is 9 percent.

Radon gas is responsible for 2% of cancer cases and 10% of lung cancer cases. The study reports that UV radiation is responsible for 4 percent of cancer cases in Europe. According to the report, passive smoking can cause approximately 16% of cancers in nonsmokers.

According to the report, asbestos is responsible for 55–88 percent of occupational lung cancers in Europe. Despite the fact that asbestos has been prohibited in Europe since 2005, it is still used in many buildings.

EU Zero Pollution Action Plan.

At the same time, the report claims that if the European Union takes immediate action, a solution to this situation can be found. Pollution levels can be reduced by implementing the European Union’s Zero Pollution Action Plan, the Sustainable Chemicals Strategy, and other initiatives effectively. According to the report, this can help reduce cancer incidence and death rates. According to EEA Executive Director Hans Bruyninckx, such projects are effective investments in people’s health.

The targets of the Zero Pollution Action Plan are currently being met by 2050. The stated goals are to improve air quality in order to reduce the number of premature deaths caused by air pollution, reduce waste in order to improve water quality, and improve soil in order to reduce nutrient loss and pesticide application.

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