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Public health expert warns of a third lockdown in Ireland during January

Public health expert warns of a third lockdown in Ireland to oust Covid. The country will have to go through a third lockdown in January, but this can be avoided, said Anthony Staines, a professor of health systems at DCU.

He warns that Covid cases are likely to rise again in December and, therefore, the lockdown will have to continue until policy changes take effect.

His response came as the total number of Covid cases in Ireland crossed 70,000 yesterday.

Although there is a decline in Covid cases in the country at present, there is a weakness in Covid tracking and tracing.

He added that if this was not taken seriously, the current relief would again lead to serious concerns.

But he says the lockdown can be avoided through proper vigilance and strengthening of the Covid tracking and tracing system. He said that even if the Level 5 restrictions were lifted, the number of Covid cases per day in December would be above 100 and this is a challenge to the government.

With more exemptions in place ahead of Christmas, travel restrictions will be lifted and this will increase the spread of the disease.

In addition, Staines said the possible spread of Covid due to international travel is also worrying.

Those who come from abroad consider quarantine to be a joke. But he said quarantine was one of the most effective things they could do to prevent the disease.

He also criticized the country’s Covid tracking system for not working fully, despite the fact that health workers are doing well against Covid.

Meanwhile, yesterday 344 people in Ireland were tested positive for Covid-19 and four deaths were also confirmed.

At present, the country’s two-week Covid spread rate is 113 per lakh.

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