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Rathcoole teenager witnessed the Leaving Cert tragedy that destroyed hopes

Dublin: Every tearful story of the Living Cert tragedy began to come out. The experience of identical twins Aaron and Conor Daly from Rathcoole, Dublin is just one of them.

They both wanted to study medicine. Both have passed exams with the same grade from the beginning. However they both ended up with different results.

According to the maximum estimated grades, the school gave them both (625) points. But when the result came, Aaron was downgraded in two subjects. As a result, Conor gained access to medicine at UCD. But Aaron missed the opportunity. Aaron has now opted for biomedicine as his sixth choice at UCD.

On the RTÉ Radio 1’s ‘Liveline’, Aaron said painfully that he did not understand why the result was like this. We have had similar grades and performances since the first year. He does not understand why he was degraded.

Their mother, Denise Daly, said she was heartbroken when Aaron was downgraded and could not appreciate Connor’s achievements. “We weren’t able to celebrate Conor because of what happened to Aaron. The day the grades came out I lost all faith in the system,” she said. However, Denise said the news today gives hope that he will get the results what he deserves.

But Aaron has not yet received any notification from the Department of Education. He and thousands of students are eagerly waiting to see if their grades will change.

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