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Rise of Covid transmission among children in Ireland, 100 cases confirmed within two weeks

Dublin: With just a few days to go before school reopens, the spread of Covid-19 among children in Ireland is rising at an alarming rate. Concerns have been raised that the reopening of the school may be delayed due to this.

While experts say the virus will not spread from school to home, they also acknowledge that the virus might spread from home to school. This issue worries both parents and the schools.

The disease has been confirmed in 100 children in Ireland in the past two weeks. Covid-19 was positive in children between the ages of five weeks and 14 years.

NPHET Epidemiological Modeling Advisory Group Chairman Prof. Philip Nolan during the RTE event shared his fear that virus cluster may form in homes. He also added that the people and the government know much more about the virus now that ever before.

Nolan said that he could ensure that the virus doesn’t spread from school children to weak or vulnerable people.

There is very little evidence internationally that schools are the main transmission center of corona virus. But children can get the disease from home because they are more likely to be contacted at home than anywhere else.

There may be clusters of school students and teachers, but we have to handle it with extreme caution. This is because the virus is more likely to spread from home, rather than getting home from school.

If Covid is found in two children in the same school within two months, then we can confirm that the disease is from home.

Nolan said that Germany is a good example for this. He said that the source of the confirmed cases in schools was found to be home.

If homes can only accommodate six people, the question may arise as to how 30 children can fit in a classroom. This is a reasonable question, but not a contradiction. Both instances are different, Nolan said.

The answer is that a carefully managed classroom is different from a house. He said the virus was spread through constant close contact and that mainly happens in home only.

The dinner event in Galway does not seem to have hampered NPEHT’s ability to provide public health guidance, Nolan said. He repeated the Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glin’s statement that the virus could not be prevented by public protest.

He said such major gatherings were a major concern and thus the adults were advised to stop associating with groups.

Yesterday, 61 Covid-19 cases were reported in Ireland. So far, there have been 1,777 deaths and 27,908 cases related to the corona virus.

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