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Rishi Sunak also opposes the increase in the salary of NHS nurses…… no choice but to go on strike

London : In the UK, NHS nurses have no choice but to go on strike. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed that the 17% salary increase demanded by the nurses will not be allowed.

The revelation shows that Sunak, the richest Prime Minister the UK has ever seen, does not understand the plight of nurses who have to rely on food banks for food. Sunak and his wife Aksatha Murthy have a net worth of £730 million, which is more than double the Raja family’s.

The government’s strike-forcing stance was revealed in response to media workers’ complaints about the government’s failure to assist NHS workers. Sunak was in Bali for the G20 summit.

The salary cannot be increased unnecessarily.

The Prime Minister claimed that NHS nurses are demanding a huge pay increase that the government cannot afford. Of course, people are in difficulty. However, there is an independent body that makes salary recommendations to the government. Only their advice can be implemented. It is ultimately the taxpayers who pay for it. They are also suffering as a result of rising bills. In this case, the government will hold a dialogue with the respective employers regarding the salary hike.

Foodbanks are a disaster.

When asked about this, Sunak stated that he believes it is a tragedy that people must rely on food banks. There should be no one who needs to rely on a food bank. One-fourth of the hospitals had established food banks for employees. The question was whether or not this was a shame.

Rishi Sunak stated that it is irrelevant whether he relies on the public health system like ordinary families. The Prime Minister stated that he dislikes discussing his or his family’s health care. 

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