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Russia prepares for nuclear deployment in Belarus… EU with warning

Brussels: The European Union has issued a warning against Belarus’ attempt to cause problems in the European region.
The European Union has announced that it will take measures, including sanctions, if Russian nuclear weapons are given a chance. The EU also warned Belarus after NATO criticised Russia’s nuclear threat.

Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, stated that if Minsk sets the stage for the use of Russian nuclear weapons, new sanctions will be imposed on Belarus. This is a threat to the entire European security. The Belarus can still stop it. If it is not ready, it will face consequences, including sanctions, Borrell reminded.

Although experts reject the possibility of using nuclear weapons, it is observed that this policy of Russia threatens to change. Although there are nuclear tensions at the global level, Moscow has previously stated that it will not deploy them.

Ukraine wants to hold a meeting of the Security Council.

Ukraine has requested an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss Russia’s nuclear threat. Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it anticipates strong measures against Russia from China, the United States, and France. Therefore, the Security Council should convene a meeting immediately. Ukraine demanded that all countries condemn this criminal act. Belarus, according to Ukraine, is being held as a nuclear hostage.

Putin’s announcement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Saturday that he will install nuclear weapons in Belarus without violating international agreements on nuclear non-proliferation. Putin explained that there is nothing unusual about this.

It’s like the US keeping weapons in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey. The United States has been doing this for decades. Putin also stated that the US has long placed nuclear weapons on the territory of its allies.

Russia will provide nuclear-capable Iskander-E missile launchers to Belarus. Putin stated that he discussed it with President Alexander Lukashenko and that he agreed to it. Training camps will start on April 3. The special nuclear weapons storage facility is expected to be completed by July 1, according to Putin.

NATO with criticism.

Germany and NATO have accused this comparison as a deception. The Russian position is dangerous and misleading. According to the NATO spokesman, the Western allies have not failed in their nuclear posture or global security obligations. Micheal McCaul, the Republican Chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, stated that Russia’s new move is intended to scare the West.

The fight for Bakhmut continues.

At the same time, the battle for the eastern city of Bakhmut is intensifying. In recent days, Ukraine has expressed increased confidence in its ability to retake the region. Bakhmut is also a target for Russia as it seeks to complete its takeover of Ukraine’s industrialised Donbas. Ukrainian forces have repelled 85 Russian attacks in the Bakhmut region in the past 24 hours, the General Staff said.

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