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Scientist comes up with ‘Dublin-Boston Test’ to track and predict the status of COVID patients

Irish scientist has developed a system called the Dublin-Boston score, which can accurately track the changes in a Covid-19 patient and predict whether a patient will become severe or not.

Scientists at the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Science had developed this measurement that could track and predict the Covid-19 patient’s conditions by observing their blood samples for the first four days. Thus, needful care and treatment can be given to them.

This Dublin-Boston test can help identify patients who may needed different sets of treatments from steroids to special care at intensive care units.

With this measurement one can track how the infection will affect a patient on daily basis. It could accurately predict how serious the virus will be on day seven after testing the patient’s blood.

RCSI Professor of Medicine and the study’s senior author and a consultant in Beaumont Hospital Gerry McElvaney said that the Dublin-Boston score is easily calculated and can be applied to all hospitalised Covid-19 patients.

“More informed prognosis could help determine when to escalate or de-escalate care, a key component of the efficient allocation of resources during the current pandemic,” he said.

“The score may also have a role in evaluating whether new therapies designed to decrease inflammation in Covid-19 actually provide benefit,” he added.  

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