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Seven dead, including four children, call for care as Strep A turns serious in Ireland

DUBLIN – Strep A is becoming more serious in Ireland. The illness is usually not fatal. However, seven people, including four children, died in the country as a result of this disease. Despite the HSE’s explanation that this is a rare occurrence, the outbreak is causing concern among parents and school officials.

The HSE had previously issued a warning about Group A Strep. Schools were advised earlier this month not to send children to school who had a fever, cough, or sore throat. The World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning in December that Group A Streptococcus can be fatal in children under the age of ten. The recent deaths indicate that this warning is coming true.

Strep A outbreak

Three more adults have died this year as a result of bacterial infections, according to HSE Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Colm Henry. Streptococcus is extremely common. It causes a sore throat as well as scarlet fever. Sore throats and fever are seen in children. It can be cured at home. Dr. Henry said antibiotics such as amoxicillin, which are effective against strep A infections, are in stock.

Strep A category includes skin infections, impetigo, scarlet fever, and strep throat. He said that scarlet fever cases are also increasing. Infections with Strep A are rarely fatal. A sore throat, headache, fever, and a sandpaper-like texture are among the symptoms. It looks like a nice pink rash.

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