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‘Some shops might never open again,’ Retail Excellence chief executive reveals his fear

As the Covid cases are creeping up vigorously, the government has decided to put clutches to this growth by re-implementing Level 5 restrictions in the country.

As the nation goes into a complete lockdown again, there are a lot of constrains sprouting this time.

The Retail Excellence has no came forward by showing their obligation towards the plan of a total lockdown. They said that the government’s decision will lead some shops to shut down permanently.

Yesterday evening, Taoiseach Micheál Martin has announced that the nation will me moving towards tight restrictions and said that non-essential retailers will shut at close of business tomorrow, along with gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools.

Duncan Graham, Retail Excellence chief executive said that certain shops are at the verge of shutting down their business. He said that shops are being punished the most even if they follow all public health guidelines.

“We did everything we were asked to do over the Christmas period. We restricted customer numbers in the run up to Christmas, we managed the post-Christmas period with great care and sensitivity as we were asked, and we paid huge attention to ensuring safety protocols were respected.” Duncan Graham said.

He also added that earlier this week the Taoiseach himself acknowledged that there is no evidence of retail contributing to the spread of the virus, yet the shops are now forced to lockdown.

According to his view, the new restrictions will affect the businesses accross the country.

“After the year we have had, I fear that many shops that close now may never open again.” he said.

“Our members will need urgent, significant financial support to have any chance of reopening, and we will be seeking urgent meetings with the Government around how to manage rents, taxes and payroll given the extended lockdowns we have had to endure over the past 9 months.” He added.

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