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Stranger tried to steal the car of an Indian man in Dublin; young man and his children escaped by luck as they were inside the car

DUBLIN: An attempt was made to snatch the car of an Indian man in Dublin, when he was seated in the back seat with his two young children.

The incident took place yesterday evening inside the Dublin Beaumont Hospital compound. The husband, who had come to pick up his wife (a staff nurse from Dublin Beaumont Hospital) after work, and his two children were sitting in the back seat of the car when a man jumped into the car and drove away.

Her husband, a nurse at a private hospital, sat in the backseat with the children to console his eight-month-old baby who was crying nonstop. After turning on the car heater, he shifted to the backseat, and the blue tooth was enabled as well.

The children screamed in fear as they saw a stranger jump into the front seat of the car. The young man was quiet for a moment, assuming that someone had got into the car by mistake, but as soon as the car moved forward, he phoned gardai.

When the stranger realized the man had dialed Gardai, he took a Swiss knife from his pocket and tried to stab the younger child in the neck. The young man was silent for a moment when he noticed a scratch on the baby’s neck. But as the attacker drove the car at high speed, he and the older girl screamed again, attempting to attract the attention of others.

The car sped forward at the hospital compound for about 400 meters. Meanwhile, their car collided with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and the attacker had no way to move forward.

This time the young man jumped out of the car with his older child. Although the attacker tried to take the car forward, the security forces and the gardaí arrived at the scene and caught him on the spot. The young man injured his leg while trying to get the younger child out of the car.

The Indian family in Beaumont was shocked by the incident which took place in just two minutes. The young man’s wife, who had returned from work, was among those who gathered after hearing the children’s cries.

The young man was admitted to the emergency department at Beaumont Hospital with leg injuries. The kids were taken to the Children’s Hospital to be examined.

The incident is being investigated by the Gardai.

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