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Studies found more than half of Irish people are not planning to get vaccinated this year

Health professionals are disappointed to find that more than half of Irish people are not intending to seek the flu vaccine this year. Professionals had warned about the ability of the country’s health system to cope with Covid-19 and flu.

According to research conducted by LloydsPharmacy, 74% of adults claimed that they are now more than ever aware of the importance of vaccines due to the impact of coronavirus. But still only 46% of people said they would use the flu vaccine.

The study also found that people aged 18-24 understand the value of vaccination.

Among those who said that they would be going to use the flu vaccine, 59% said it was their first time to do so.

The survey reveals that most people recognize the value of all the Government’s recommendations for Covid-19 prevention, such as hand washing, face coverings, and social distance.  

Denis O’Driscoll, LloydsPharmacy Superintendent Pharmacist said: “We are encouraging the at-risk groups as always, but now more than ever we are calling on those who fall outside of those categories to play their part.”

Mr. Denis said it was promising that 74% of the adults surveyed recognised the need for a vaccine, but it was disappointing that only 46% of the adults surveyed were ready for the vaccine this year.  

“In order for the vaccine to be as effective as possible, we need as many of the population as possible to get vaccinated.”

He said that, getting yourself vaccinated would have a positive impact on you and on others alike. This will help those who are more vulnerable to serious flu illness, like babies and young children, older people, and people with certain chronic health conditions.

You can find out more about flu vaccines on the LlyoidsPharmacy website.  

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