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Switzerland referendum fails to end EU immigration

Switzerland’s referendum on cutting immigration from the European Union has failed.

61.7% of Swiss voters voted in favor of free movement between the European Union and Switzerland yesterday. With this, the referendum was declared null and void.

The referendum, conducted by the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), Switzerland’s largest right-wing party, was opposed by the government, parliament, unions, employers’ organizations and other political parties.

Recent opinion polls have also shown little public support for the EU’s decision to cut immigration.

However, the success of the SVP in tightening controls with the European Union has raised a great deal of concern.

The SVP demanded that the constitution of Switzerland be amended to ensure that immigration policy could be handled with autonomy. The party condemned immigration and the influence of the European Union, warning that Ireland was facing unrestricted and excessive immigration.

However, the government has warned that the implementation of a unilateral agreement with Ireland’s largest trading partner, the European Union, could lead to a complete breakdown of relations between the two countries.

The government has warned that if the new proposal goes into effect, a guillotine section will come into force to freeze dealings with the European Union.

At the same time, SVP lawmaker Celine Amoudras said the guillotine department’s reference had alienated people from the new proposal.

European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane praised the results of the referendum.

He said the referendum results showed the strength of the relationship between Switzerland and the European Union, and highlighted the mutual freedom to move, live and work freely in Switzerland and the European Union.

A similar proposal by the SVP in 2014 had disrupted Swiss-EU relations, and it took years to repair the damage.

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