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Taoiseach promises special cost-of-living package in September

DUBLIN: Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said that the government will introduce a special cost-of-living package in September to help families hit hard by inflation and rising fuel prices.

Mr Martin described the exchequer figures showing a €5 billion surplus as “good news” while speaking at the Blasket Island Centre in Dunquin, west Co Kerry, on Thursday. “It’s good that the revenues have remained strong this year notwithstanding challenges in terms of the cost of living overall internationally,” he said.

The Taoiseach explained that the separate package will be introduced in parallel with budget measures intended to ease the pressure on households due to rising energy prices.

The budget will also include tax relief and specific plans on how to reduce the cost of living for families. “There will be a separate cost of living package, elements of which will apply this year and that people will feel the benefits of that package before the end of the year and in some cases almost immediately,” Mr Martin said.

The Taoiseach said that key sectors of the economy are still performing well and foreign direct investment is strong. He also said that a comprehensive budget will be brought which includes medium and long-term projects in view of the increasing revenue of the government.

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