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The third wave of Covid in Ireland; Repatriation services will start from tomorrow

Health officials say there are indications that Ireland is entering the third wave of Covid. Today there are no deaths but 727 confirmed cases.

The disease, which concentrated in young people in October, is now on the rise in all age groups, including those over 65 years of age.

Efforts have been intensified to repatriate Irish residents of the UK and those passing through UK airports. The government plans to carry out repatriation operations using planes and ferries

Repatriation services will start from tomorrow. There will be services from London and some other airports in the UK.

The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Simon Cowney and Transport Minister Aymon Ryan, and was attended by consular representatives from both countries.

Hundreds of people who were about to travel to the UK from Ireland are now standing clueless due to the cancellation of 65 flights today and tomorrow.

The government has made it clear that repatriation flights will not be available to those staying in the UK in anticipation of a return to Christmas. Repatriation flights, however, will be preferred for those traveling to the UK on a temporary basis and for those coming through the UK on a transit visa.

Meanwhile, the allied leaders are scheduled to meet again this evening ahead of tomorrow’s cabinet meeting. The 48-hour ban on travel from the UK is expected to be extended further.

The exact nature and timing of the post-Christmas restrictions will be worked out by the government cabinet tomorrow. Airlines have assured customers that they are entitled to a refund or change of travel date following the cancellation of the flight.

Aer Lingus confirmed that flights from Britain to Ireland would not operate during this period. However, government repatriation services will be operated from Ireland to the United Kingdom and vice versa.

Ferry services will continue for freight traffic, but only workers, including those working in the supply chain, will be allowed to travel this route.

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