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The year just gone was the worst ever for the trolley crisis in Irish hospitals,(INMO) says

Dublin: The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization (INMO) reported that the number of people unable to get a bed on a trolley in Ireland increased by more than 25% in October. 10,679 patients, including 393 children, had to stay on a trolley before getting a bed. According to the organisation, it is double the amount it was in 2020. According to INMO, October was the worst month in trolley history.

There was a situation in which patients were unable to obtain beds in all of the country’s major hospitals. At Cork University Hospital, there were 1,342 patients, Limerick University Hospital had 1,268 patients, and Galway University Hospital had 810 patients on trolleys.

On trolleys were 702 patients at St. James Hospital in Dublin and 700 patients at Sligo University Hospital. According to the INMO General Secretary, the situation of not having enough beds, even for children, is concerning. Since 2018, the counting of children in trolleys has been started. According to Sheaghdha, the number is growing.

Within three weeks, she was on duty in the emergency department. She couldn’t even walk there because of the trolleys. Even getting emergency equipment through proved difficult. The INMO requested that the Health and Safety Authority review the safety of staff and patients. They stated that they agreed with the Health Information and Quality Authority that keeping patients on trolleys was inhumane and dangerous. David Cullinane, Sinn Féin’s health spokesman, said these figures were “very disturbing”.

According to Sheaghdha, the National Hospital will not be the solution.

According to Sheaghdha, the new National Hospital in Dublin will not address the issue of overcrowding in existing hospitals. The issue is that there will not be enough beds. “There will be more rooms, so more staff will be needed. There aren’t enough paediatric nurses being trained or retained in the area, “she stated.

Sheaghdha claimed that our government is repeating itself. Medical personnel have received training. In hospitals, people work very hard. The latter are hunted.

Steps should be taken to reduce congestion.

De-congestion, according to the INMO General Secretary, should be prioritised. Only emergency or elective services can be provided. Both cannot be combined. She demanded that those in need of elective procedures be transferred to private hospitals. Sheaghdha also stated that masks should be worn in hospitals to prevent the spread of COVID.

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