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Three members have been shot dead in a house in Kanturk, Co Cork

Three members of a household have been found shot dead in Kanturk, Co Cork. It is suspected to be a family quarrel.

All the three were men and the Garda confirmed that the dead were father and sons.

Members of the Emergency Response Unit, who arrived at the scene around 1 p.m., first found the body of a 20-year-old man with gunshot wounds in the bedroom of a house. At around 1.40 pm, two more bodies were found near the house.

Garda said there were bullet wounds in these bodies as well, and there was no one else in the house.

The house was inhabited by a family of four. Garda also thinks that there was a quarrel between them over family issues.

The wife of the 50-year-old man who died at around 6.30am yesterday, told neighbours that guns were lying outside her home.

The state pathologist and the Garda Technical Bureau have been called to the scene. Garda does not suspect that anyone outside was involved in the incident.

The Garda requested that anyone who know any information supporting the investigation should contact on 022 31450 or on Garda’s Confidential Number 1800 666 111 or at any Garda Station.

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