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Three months Imprisonment for 12 Euro Cider

The Dublin District court had sentenced a woman to jail for three-month period. The women and her accomplice were arrested for stealing cider.

The court said that the lady, Deborah Malcolmson (33) and her accomplice were in relationship and had alcohol problems at that time.

Malcolmson previously had 52 convictions and all of them were alcohol-related.

Judge John Brennan made the sentence concurrent to a term she is already serving. Malcolmson, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to the robbery charge.

It was Malcolmson who took eight-pack of Bulmers worth €12, which was handed over to her by her partner. Later she put them in her bag and left without paying.

She was thus arrested and the property was recovered from her by the officials.  

Meanwhile the accomplice asked the judge not to add him to her sentence.

The defense made it clear that the suspect was no longer in a relationship with the accomplice.

The judge said that theft and shoplifting had a negative effect on businesses. At the same time, he also acknowledged that the accused one is trying to come out of her past life and made the verdict.

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