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Trump still has hope, even though Biden is leading for now

The media around the world are celebrating American election as, Joe Biden becomes President of the United States.

But there are indications that it will be full of curiosity till the last moment.

The fate will now be decided by three main states – Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. The uncertainty remains as the voting status in these three states changes every moment.

Arizona: Only 88% of the 11 electoral votes in Arizona have been counted so far. Here the Republican Party was consistently winning. But Joe Biden’s candidate for the Senate has won here.

The lead that Trump had in the first round is now in favor of Biden. 12% of the votes are yet to be counted.

Nevada: Nevada has six electoral votes.

Biden currently has a lead of 8,000 votes here. But only 75% of votes have been counted so far.

Georgia: Meanwhile, Trump is ahead of Biden in Georgia. With 98% of the vote counted, Trump received 49.6% and Biden received 49.2%.

There is only a slight difference between the two here. Which means both have equal chances to win.

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