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Two more Covid Deaths; Patients were treated in hematology ward of Craigavon hospital

The Southern Health Trust had confirmed two more Covid deaths. These patients were admitted in the hematology ward in Craigavon Hospital in Co Armagh after testing positive for Covid-19.

Another patient who has been treated on the ward before has also died.  Even though he was tested positive for Covid-19, at this instance the cause of death was not the virus.

The number of patients connected to the hospital’s haematology ward who have tested positive for coronavirus remains at 14.

The hospital and the ward became a breaking news factor as some of the hospital nurses who tested positive attended a party in a near by hotel.

17 member staffs of the hospital had tested positive for Covid-19 and they are now in self-isolation. There are 4 other staff were in the contact list and because of this all of these staffs are also currently self-isolating.

Due to the current situation at the ward, the management has decided to close the ward for some time, thus new admissions are not accepted now.

61 new cases are now confirmed and reported in the Northern Ireland. With this around 439 new cases have been reported in the last seven days. This brings the total number of patients in the region to 7,503.

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