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UCC agreed to refund Campus accommodation fees

The University Collage Cork (UCC) showed their agreement in offering refunds to the students who were living on campus, but returned to their homes during the virus outbreak.

Since the Covid restrictions were active, most of the students were asked to leave the campus and attend the classes online only. Most of the lectures were given online only.

Classes which requires practical knowledge such as science courses are taking on campus lectures because they need labs to take class.

The students’ union of UCC campaigned for refunding the money to those who went back home during the first lockdown.

‘Following our meeting with UCC Campus Accommodation, an agreement has been reached to issue a rent refund to any student that chooses to return home,’ the union posted in social media

The reports regarding the NUIG and Maynooth University refunds were also acknowledged by the Union of Students in Ireland. Both of the universities will provide refunds.

USI says that they expect other universities will soon start to refund the money for student accommodation for the last academic year.

“When colleges closed last March at the start of the pandemic, the USI and local students’ unions called on individual colleges to refund students who had moved out of college-owned student accommodation,” said Lorna Fitzpatrick, USI President.

Most of the colleges agreed for a refund during the early stages itself, but unfortunately there were some delays for the process, Fitzpatrick said.  

‘With further restrictions expected… all colleges should again provide refunds to students who chose to, or need to, move out of on-campus accommodation without delay,’ she added.

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