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US election results remains uncertain; Trump to approach Supreme Court

Washington: Election results in the US remains uncertain. When the results of the 43 out of 50 states came out, neither candidate was able to get the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

President Donald Trump, who has the lead in most states where the result has yet to come, has called on the members to celebrate the victory.With Joe Biden claiming victory, the outcome of the election has been controversial.

Trump is preparing to approach the Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes, alleging irregularities.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear how long it will take for votes to be counted in many places. The BBC reports that it may take weeks for the votes to be fully counted.

Different states have different rules regarding of counting votes. Therefore, the results of each state will come out at different times.

At the same time, Donald Trump is making progress beyond the opinion polls. Trump retained all of the Republican strongholds. In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia, the results are still unclear. Meanwhile Trump has won in Florida, Ohio and Texas and Biden in Arizona, Virginia, and New Hampshire. Trump currently has the upper hand in five of the seven states where the result has yet to come. The results so far show that Trump’s popularity has not diminished among the Americans.

Officials in Pennsylvania and Michigan say the final results will only come on Friday because of delays in counting postal votes. In the meantime, Trump is planning to approach the Supreme Court to a halt the counting of votes.

Trump argued that the continuation of the vote count was to commit irregularities.Trump has said he will approach the Supreme Court to ask them not to count the ballots after 4 am.Trump alleges that a large number of votes were secretly found and counted after 4 am. Joe Biden has made it clear that his legal team is ready to confront President Trump if he tries to interrupt the vote count.

According to the latest report, out of 538 electoral votes, 238 were won by Joe Biden and 213 by Trump.

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