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“Varadkar Arrives in the U.S. for Routine Visit; Biden Administration Reaffirms Support for Israel”

Washington: Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar engaged in substantive discussions with American President Joe Biden during his visit to Washington for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, a longstanding tradition for Irish leaders. The talks encompassed a range of pressing global issues, including the situation in Gaza, economic support for Ukraine, power-sharing arrangements in Northern Ireland, and bolstering economic ties between the United States and Ireland.

Varadkar highlighted Biden’s commitment to securing a ceasefire in Gaza during the holy month of Ramzan while reaffirming continued U.S. support for Israel. Varadkar, in addressing the media following his meeting with President Biden at the White House, stressed the importance of U.S. intervention in the Israel-Palestine conflict, drawing parallels to the pivotal role played by the United States in brokering the Good Friday Agreement.

The Irish leader emphasised the urgent need for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, citing dire conditions and the imperative of expediting efforts to address the crisis. Varadkar expressed concerns about the use of American weaponry in the conflict and sought clarity on how the U.S. intends to navigate this complex situation, while reaffirming Ireland’s unwavering stance in support of a ceasefire.

President Biden echoed Varadkar’s sentiments, pledging collaborative efforts between Ireland and the United States to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza. Biden also expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality extended by Ireland, reflecting on the enduring bond between the two nations spanning a century. The tragic events unfolding in Gaza, as noted by Varadkar during a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence, underscore the imperative of fostering lasting peace not only in the region but also across the Middle East, drawing on the lessons learned from the U.S.-facilitated peace process in Ireland.

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