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Vodafone Ireland launches ‘Super WiFi’ service targeting Irish families

DUBLIN: Vodafone Ireland has launched a ‘Super WiFi’ service aimed at Irish families. Super WiFi is an extension system that can be used without any connectivity issues, allowing broadband users to have WiFi coverage in every corner of their homes. The Wi-Fi extender uses the latest technology and work together with Vodafone’s own Gigabox modem.

The company is offering a new add-on in Wi-Fi service and 5G unlimited mobile broadband offer. Existing customers can add a WiFi extender to their broadband package for an €5 extra per month. This will work with their existing Vodafone router. This system will enable uninterrupted Wi-Fi access to multi-storey buildings and large houses. It also comes with the free service of a dedicated super Wi-Fi expert.

5G-Ready Unlimited Mobile Broadband offer

Along with Super WiFi, Vodafone Ireland has also introduced the 5G-Ready Unlimited Mobile Broadband offer. This offer is available for 4G existing mobile broadband users. It will also be available to customers in areas where 5G is already available, such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway.

Users in areas where 5G is not available will also be able to connect to 4G as usual. It requires a modem, a Vodafone SIM card and a power outlet. Up to 60 devices can be connected to the modem.

Customers can avail the new mobile broadband offer for €45 per month on a one-year contract. Installation is free. Vodafone Ireland has announced that it will expand the availability of 5G mobile broadband in the coming months.

Service of e-SIM

Vodafone also announced that starting this month, it will provide e-SIMs that can be used on 25 of its devices. E-SIMs are virtual SIM cards that provide the same service as a normal SIM card. It works with the help of the chip in the phone.

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