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Will coconut milk have to be renamed in Europe?

Dublin: The court ruled that milk should not be used in combination with all products, especially herbal/plant products. Milk, cream, butter and cheese, which are preserved as EU animal products, are purely herbal products.

If soya milk is given, the product should also include a description indicating that it is extracted from soybean. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has announced such a verdict of a case that involves a German company that supplies vegetable products and vegan foods.

The German company markets herbal soy toasted, tofu butter, plant cheese, veggie cheese and cream. The company was sued by an association in Germany that works against random matches. They pointed out that the company’s marketing strategy violates EU law.

The court ruled that according to the European Union law, milk is only related to animals. The names cream, butter and cheese are also associated with milk. These products are made out of milk and therefore, the above name should not be used for marketing and advertising purely herbal products.

The ICMCSA President welcomed the court ruling. He pointed out that many products are being marketed with the wrong message.

Certain products that have nothing to do with milk are marketed as milk products and the court order would prevent such products from entering the market, he added.

At the same time, Asian exporters are worried that milk products from Asia may have to be renamed in the European market, because most brands use the same name as Coconut Milk.

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