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World Hello Day – November 21, 2022

World Hello Day is a secular unofficial holiday observed by countries on November 21 to highlight the significance of human connection in maintaining peace. People are invited to participate on this day by simply greeting ten people. Nobel Peace Prize laureates are among those who have stressed World Hello Day’s importance as a tool for keeping peace and as an event that allows anybody in the world to contribute to the process of achieving peace. Among the other supporters are around 100 authors, celebrities, and world leaders. On this day, remember to be kind to others!

How to observe ‘World Hello Day’, Just a small step!

  1. Send out a nice, joyful welcome today, and make it a practise of doing so most days.
  2. Learn how to say hello in different languages. For example, the Hawaiian word ‘aloha’.
  3. Haven’t you seen a buddy in a long time? Make an effort to call and say hello to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time on “World Hello Day.”
Learn how to say hello in different languages.

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