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YouTube, Gmail, and Meet all shut down, causing concern among consumers

Search engine giant Google has lost its services all over the world due to a server issue.

In addition to Google search, YouTube. Various Google sites, including Google Meet and Gmail, have also gone on strike. In many parts of the world, including Ireland, that belief, which was thought to be ‘unbreakable’, was shattered for hours.

Server problems are considered to be the cause of the crash. Various international media outlets have reported, citing Google, that the problem is temporary and will be resolved soon.

Google services have been down in various parts of India for the past day. Many people have taken to Twitter and other social media sites to express their concern over the shutdown of Google services.

In many places, online classes were canceled. Meanwhile, some have come on the scene as trolls. It is reported that most of the problems in Ireland have already been resolved.

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