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50,000 homes in Ireland annually; Prime Minister says government will revise target

Dublin: Prime Minister Leovaradkar addressed the Dáil, indicating a potential shift in government strategy towards tackling the housing crisis in Ireland by considering the construction of 50,000 homes annually. This reevaluation comes in response to mounting concerns over the inadequacy of the current target of 33,000 homes per year outlined in the National Development Plan. The ESRI has criticised this target as significantly below what is necessary given Ireland’s population growth.

In acknowledgment of these concerns, Prime Minister Leovaradkar expressed willingness to revise the housing target upwards, potentially within the current or upcoming fiscal years. Additionally, the government has agreed not to oppose a resolution put forth by Labour Party leader Ivana Bacik, indicating a broader commitment to addressing housing challenges.

Among the measures included in the resolution is an extension of the Tenant in Situ scheme, aimed at assisting tenants in purchasing their rented homes for social housing purposes. This extension will also encompass Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) support, as announced by the Prime Minister.

In response, Ivana Bacik emphasised the need for concrete action rather than mere promises. She stressed the urgency of implementing immediate measures to protect tenants, including measures to prevent illegal evictions and enforce rent freezes. Bacik underscored the fundamental right of every individual to access affordable housing, asserting the government’s responsibility to translate this right into tangible reality.

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