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Alarming Increase in Vehicle Failures during NCT Tests in Ireland; Over 1.5 Million Cars Tested Last Year

Dublin: A significant “mass failure” trend has emerged in the National Car Testing Service (NCT) examinations conducted in Ireland, with 747,820 vehicles out of 1.5 million tested failing to meet the required standards. The tests were carried out at various centres across the country, with the NCT centre in Cavan experiencing the highest failure rate at 59%, followed by the Derrybeg NCT centre in Donegal at 56%, and the Navan and Ballina centres both recording a 55% failure rate. Galway’s Clifden Centre also reported a noteworthy 54% failure rate.

Common reasons for test failures include steering and suspension issues (14.6%), lighting-electrical faults (14.3%), side slip test failures (11.7%), faulty wheels and tyres (10%), and brake failures (9.6%).

In a surprising breakdown by vehicle brands, Chevrolet cars accounted for the highest failure rate at 69%, followed by Chrysler (61%), Citroen (58%), Daihatsu (57%), and Saab (55%). On the other end of the spectrum, Porsche emerged as the top performer with a success rate of 65%, followed by Lexus (62%), Seat (59%), Land Rover (58%), and Hyundai (57%).

Ford, with the highest number of vehicles tested (171,129) last year, faced a 50% failure rate primarily due to lighting-electrical faults.

Established in 2000 to enhance road safety, the NCT mandates biennial testing for vehicles under 10 years old and annual testing for those exceeding 10 years, focusing on identifying faults such as malfunctioning brakes, worn tyres, and defective headlights.

The testing in Ireland is conducted by the Spanish company Applus, which faced a €3 million fine last year for delays in test execution. Despite claims of a consistent failure rate, the company asserts that the waiting list for NCT appointments has been resolved, having recruited mechanics from the Philippines to address staff shortages in Ireland. Applus plans to conduct 1.6 million tests by 2023, addressing the backlog and ensuring a higher testing capacity than in 2021 and 2022. The company contends that last year marked the most extensive vehicle testing period in the history of NCT.

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