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Atypical Work Scheme Permit: Hundreds of candidates are waiting

Dublin: Hundreds of people have complained about delays in getting the Atypical Work Scheme (AWS) to Ireland in the first stage of their job search. More than 1,000 applications from India alone are waiting for visas under the delivery work scheme in the field of nursing.

The main reason for the recent decrease in the flow of nurses from abroad in the field of nursing recruitment in Ireland has been the delay in obtaining an expatriate work visa. Some people quit their jobs in countries such as the Gulf after receiving a job offer in Ireland and wait for months for an expatriate work visa. The current delay is dimming the hopes of all of them. In the institution, candidates from the Non-European Economic Area (Non-EEA), including India, come to Ireland for the first time through the Atypical Work Scheme.

The current crisis is said to have been caused by a group of recruitment agents trying to deceive the Irish government by producing fake offer letters. The government intervened and reduced the already existing atypical work scheme delays. The government was generous enough to grant atypical work visas even within a week.

Given this possibility, when the government discovered an attempt to bring hundreds of people to Ireland via fake job offer letters, it took precautions and began investigating the sources of job offers. A group also spread the news that many candidates testified that after applying for an atypical work permit within three to five days of the delivery work scheme, within two weeks, the groups that “campaigned” for permission to be allowed were agents’ backers.

Software updates are also a breeze.

As the Irish government coordinates various departments to detect fraud, new software has become a target for “job offer fraudsters” and delays application decisions.

It is the claim of the department that those who submit the application in the correct manner are getting atypical work permits without residence. According to department sources, vigilance through software modification is also required to ensure correct selections in the work sector, including the health sector.

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