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Ballinteer murder: The murder case of the Indian family in Dublin; The hearing will resume on Thursday

Dublin: The trial in the case of the mass murder of Seema Banu Syed (37), her daughter Affira Syed (11) and son Fazam (6) in Dublin will resume on Thursday. The case will be heard by a jury of six women and two men.

Within two weeks of her arrival in Ireland, Seema began to witness her husband’s brutality. She was living in Dublin with her two children in fear of being murdered. On October 28, 2020, she was discovered dead in her home in Llewellyn Court, Ballinteer, Dublin, after two years of hell.

Samir had beaten up Seema and her children on the eve of Christmas in 2018. The security guard of a nearby supermarket told the court he saw them screaming and crying. When asked about this, Seema told  that her husband was beating and torturing her.

Seema Banu also told the sitting of Dublin District Coroners Court that Samir was evil and would kill her. Seema was trying to somehow come back to the country. But before they can do that, Samir takes their lives.

Samir forcibly brought Seema and her children to Ireland. Seema used to tell everyone in her family that she wanted to go back to India. She had her passport and money ready to return home in mid-2019. However, in court, it was revealed that Seema had changed her mind.

He told Seema that if she leaves the children and goes to the country, the Garda will take the children away, and she would not be allowed to see them until they reached the age of 18. She believed this and changed her journey to the country.

Syed Suhan, a relative of Seema Banu, stated that Seema told her that her husband would be held accountable if anything happened to her or her children. Suhan revealed that Samir had crossed from India shortly before he was arrested for assaulting his wife.

He committed suicide last June, just as he was about to stand trial in the Central Criminal Court for mass murder.

Seema Banu (37), daughter Affira Syed (11) and son Fazam (6), a native of Mysore, were found dead by Gardaí in their bedroom in Ballinteer on October 28, 2020. All three died at the scene.

Pathologist Dr. Heidi Okkers, who performed the post-mortem, revealed that the death was due to suffocation. According to the post-mortem report, the children died 36 hours ago. Seema had been killed before that.

Gardai arrested Seema Banu’s husband, Samir Syed, in this case. He admitted killing his wife, but he initially testified that he was not the one who murdered the children. But in the investigation, scientific evidence was found that he himself took the lives of his children.

Then he was charged with three counts of murder. A week before the trial of the case, Syed died in jail while in custody.

Earlier, a case was filed against Samir Syed for beating his wife unconscious. The court also banned him from seeing his wife and children. However, the court discovered evidence that he had violated all of them.

He was found to have violated his bail conditions by visiting his home in Ballinteer on several occasions.

The garda obtained various CCTV camera footages, including those of the Dublin bus, as part of the case investigation. Samir was discovered in one of them dressed as a woman.

On October 22, 2020, Samir was found on CCTV footage of a Dublin bus, disguised as a woman, covering his head and face and heading to Ballintyre. He later confessed to Garda that he was the person in the video.

Seema had to endure cruel tortures, according to the investigation. Gardai had taken videos like these from Seema’s phone.

He intercepted the recordings of Seema’s video calls with her family in India. She was not even allowed to interact with the children.

Video recordings of Seema saying she has no life without Samir Syed have also been obtained. However, there was technical evidence that he was at home at the time these videos were shot.

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