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Bill passed, allowing voters in Limerick to elect their own mayor directly

Limerick: Voters in Limerick will have the opportunity to directly elect their own mayor. It is the first time in the country that direct mayoral elections have been implemented.

Limerick County and City voters will have the opportunity to choose the mayor during the local and European elections, which will be held between June 6 and 9 next year. Representatives of immigrants, including Indians, may also appear in the Limerick Council elections this time.

The law in this regard was passed on Tuesday. Unlike other local authorities, the bill also has a provision for conducting more referendums. The new mayor will also have significant powers, including the ability to propose development plans for the city and county.

Five years ago, the people of Limerick voted in favour of establishing the office of Mayor. This decision was made with a 52.4% majority of the vote. A similar attempt was made but failed in Cork and Waterford.

In 2020, Galway City Council unanimously approved a motion to hold a referendum on directly electing the mayor, but that did not materialise.

The approval of the Citizens’ Assembly report on local governments by the Parliamentary Committee and the Cabinet is expected to pave the way for direct mayoral elections in Dublin next year.

Kieran O’Donnell, Minister of State for Local Government Planning, said the direct election of the Mayor of Limerick was the most important reform in the country’s history. The minister stated that the new mayor’s office would improve local authority governance and increase accountability to the people of Limerick.

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