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Dentist against head of a dental clinic for falsifying a work permit application

Dublin: Complaint by a dentist to the Workplace Relations Commission against the head of the dental clinic who falsified the work permit application. Despite the fact that the director of Square Dental Services has denied the incident, the Commission is investigating it.

The Square Dental Services’ directors, Jagannath Muttumula and his wife, Dr. Hima Bindu Meda, have been accused of various offences.

Dr. Min Li claims she was fired because he refused to sign a new contract for 9,000 euros less than what had been agreed upon with the Enterprise Department. 

Dr. Min, a Canadian citizen, stated that she was in Taiwan when the company claimed to have signed the department’s contract for 64,000 euros. She refused to sign such a contract. They pointed out that the email he sent would have been discovered by the company. Dr. WRC adjudicating officer Breiffní O’Neill said that the contract was sent to the Enterprise Department with a forged signature on his behalf.

The salary was reduced from 64,000 euros in the original contract to 55,000 euros. Dr. Min Li then approached the commission. She arrived in Ireland with a Critical Skills Work Permit. But Dr. Min said that it was a big loss to be included in the general work permit scheme, where one has to wait up to five years for residency.

On October 18, 2021, I began working at the clinic. Salary was calculated on a pro-rata basis. I requested a copy of the revised contract that had been sent to the department, but it was not provided. However, two weeks after starting work, on November 3, 2021, a new contract for 55,000 euros for 39 hours per week was proposed. It was rejected because it was not acceptable.

However, the company’s claim is different. Dr. Min was fired due to poor performance and difficulties interacting with other employees. The contract was signed with the agreement to work for 55,000 euros until the salary was raised to 64,000 euros. The Enterprise Department, on the other hand, refused to grant visas under the Critical Skills Programme. The HR consultant of the company, Marius Marosan, said that they have both contracts signed by them. But one of them is fake. Min insists. The hearing in this regard will continue in the commission in the coming days.

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