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Donald Trump indicted over hush money by a Manhattan grand jury

New York: A grand jury in New York has indicted Donald Trump on charges of paying a large sum of money to a movie actress in connection with the US presidential election in order to cover up the allegations. Trump also got the ‘reputation’ of being the first American ruler to be charged with a crime through a verdict that can be described as historic.

According to reports, prosecutors in Manhattan may ask Trump to surrender and face trial. He previously denied all allegations in the case. Although they are trying to defend the verdict with the explanation that it is a political hunt, but the current verdict is considered to be a big setback for Donald Trump, who is preparing for the second coming.

The verdict secures the former leader’s involvement in sex allegations involving actress Stormy Daniels. Daniels’ attorney welcomed the jury’s verdict. Brewster said on Twitter that the ruling proves that no one is above the law.

The claim that Daniels was paid $130,000 was made in connection with the election that brought Trump to power. In this case, a large sum was paid to settle this.

The jury’s decision comes as he prepares to run as the Republican candidate in the 2024 election. Despite the controversy, Trump has begun campaigning for the presidency. Trump launched his election campaign with a rally in Waco, Texas, attended by thousands of supporters.

Trump is a survivor of two impeachments while he was President of the United States. The disappearance of secret files related to the US Capitol riots caused a crisis in case management. Meanwhile, the current verdict against Trump is happening.

However, Trump claims that the verdict is political torture and that the election is ahead. He also warned that President Joe Biden would face a backlash. Eric, the son of the former president, accused him of political exploitation. Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that this indictment is a mistake that can never be corrected by the country.

Trump announced on March 18 that he would be arrested in this case within days. Trump accused the indictment of being destructive to the country. He also called for violent protests against this. There were widespread protests in New York as a result of this. The grand jury panel, however, continued to hear testimony.

Three major investigations into the former president are currently underway. This is the first case to be completed. Trump is being tried in connection with the 2020 election in Georgia and the attacks on the Washington Tower on January 6, 2021, by the supporters of the former president.

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