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Don’t forget ! Daylight saving time in Europe will begin in the early hours of Sunday……

DUBLIN: Daylight saving time in Europe will begin in the early hours of Sunday, March 26. Daylight saving time is set forward by one hour.

That means two o’clock in the morning will be changed to three o’clock.

This time change is done on the morning of the last Sunday of March in the current year. It is the shortest night of the year.

The Physics and Technology Centre (PTB) in Braunschweig, Germany, manages these time shift settings. The self-winding clock works by emitting signals from a tower located in Frankfurt.

In 1916, Ireland and the United Kingdom implemented a time change. Every country in the European Union now has a time-change system. thereby helping to maintain parity with Central European Time (MEZ). The reason for this is that the day will be longer.

Winter time is adjusted in the same manner. Winter time is adjusted by shifting one hour back on the Sunday morning at the end of October of the year.

Those working night duty must reduce their work by one hour on the day of Daylight Savings Time. However, night workers must work an extra hour on the day of the winter time change. This will be considered overtime and charged to your wages.

The time change adjustments in the night train service are adjusted by automatic systems, with a difference of four and a half hours between Irish time and Indian time in the summer and five and a half hours in the winter time. Although countries like Britain and Ireland are in Europe, the time in other countries, including Germany, is one hour behind.

The European Union’s decision to end the time change system in Europe has not yet been fully approved by the member states, so the previous understanding that the winter time change would be phased out beginning in 2021 is unlikely to be implemented.

At the same time, the idea of ending the time change system as soon as possible was supported by the majority of people in many opinion polls conducted across Europe.

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