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Dr. Suresh C. Pillai, Irish Malayalee researcher, got the Boyle Higgins Award

Dublin: Dr. Suresh C Pillai, a famous Malayalee researcher, has been chosen for the Boyle Higgins Award for the best physicist analyst in Ireland. The honour was initiated by the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland to promote brilliance in the worldwide network. 

Dr. Suresh, a native of Kottayam, Karukachal (Champakara), packed away a pH of Trinity College from Ireland (Dublin).

From that point forward, he conducted post-doctoral research from the California Institute of Technology, USA. More than 100 journal articles/research reports have been published by him. Two US patents and a UK patent have been granted for him. In Malayalam, the book ‘Thannathram’ was published by him. Suresh Pillai lives in Ireland for as far back as 18 years alongside his better half Saritha who is being as a software engineer and researcher and with his children Sreehari and Srishekhar.

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