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Draghi and Meloni: The EU must fight the rise in gas prices jointly.

Rome: Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni have urged the European Union to act in concert to limit rising gas prices. The comments came following a phone conversation between the two before the European Energy Council meeting on Friday.

 Meloni agreed with Draghi that Europe should stand united on this issue. Meloni further stated that immediate action is required to safeguard institutions and families.

Germany stated yesterday that it would borrow 200 billion euros to meet growing energy costs. This has raised concerns that Germany may go it alone, as the European Union has given up on unified action to address the energy problem. Following this, Italy has made such a demand.

15 EU countries, including Italy, have currently stated that gas prices should be limited. Countries such as Germany, on the other hand, have expressed opposition to this plan, citing the potential for gas shortages.

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