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Driving test delays of up to 10 months in Dublin, with just a 53.2% pass rate

Dublin: Waiting times for driving tests in Dublin are getting longer. There is a six- to ten-month waiting period in the training centres.

The RSA revealed in December that each centre faced a 26-week wait. It was 41 weeks at the Dún Laoghaire/Deans Grange centre, 32 weeks at Cill Easra, 29 weeks at Tala, 28 weeks at Mullach Eadrad, 26 weeks at the Mulhuddart Carlton Hotel, 24 weeks at Raheny, 19 weeks at Finglas, and 11 weeks at Charlestown.

Delays in testing are also caused by a shortage of permanent driver testers. Recruitment was carried out in order to increase their number from 100 to 130. Some of them are already employed by the testing service. 15 more people will join the team in the coming weeks.

As of the end of November, 42,263 people were waiting for the driving test, with 3,236 scheduled for the test, 16,104 waiting for an invite, and 15,421 applicants invited to book the test. It was not used within 10 days. 7,502 people are ineligible for the test. They were expelled for failing to complete the learner’s permit and driver’s education within six months.

In Dublin, more than 50,000 driving tests have been scheduled for 2022. 44,000 drivers (47.7%) passed the test. Out of 170,000 driving tests conducted across the country, 155,000 (53.2%) passed, RSA said.

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