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Fatal Bomb Blast at Dublin Asylum Centre Claims One Life

Dublin: In a devastating incident in Dublin, one person lost their life in a bomb explosion at a hotel housing refugees. The victim was found in a room where the explosion occurred, and initial assessments suggest that the blast might have been triggered by an item kept beneath the bed. However, confirmation awaits the completion of a technical inspection by the Garda.

The explosion resulted in the collapse of a wall within the hotel, which separated male and female occupants. Fortunately, no additional injuries were reported among the family members present in the building. Authorities, including Gardaí, the Army’s bomb squad, and a bomb disposal unit robot, are actively conducting investigations at the site, with no other suspects identified at this time.

Emergency response teams, including firefighters from Phibsborough, Tara Street, and North Strand fire stations, swiftly brought the situation under control. Multiple fire engines and advanced paramedic teams, along with the district officer, were deployed. ESB Networks, Gas Networks Ireland, and An Garda Síochána were also on the scene.

A thorough investigation is underway to determine the cause of the explosion that shook the country. The incident occurred at a hotel on Little Britain Street, Dublin, within the premises of Vincent DePaul, an organisation providing support for the homeless. Notably, a fire had occurred at this centre in March 2022, resulting in injuries to a woman.

Vincent DePaul, despite the tragedy, managed to secure beds for all those affected by the explosion by evening. However, the resettlement destination for these individuals remains uncertain. DePaul is actively coordinating with the Dublin Region Homeless Executive and various NGOs for ongoing support.

Gardai emphasised that the exact cause of the explosion is under investigation, with the Technical Bureau actively involved. Limited information is currently available, and authorities classify this as an isolated incident. Vincent DePaul has pledged to collaborate with other organisations to facilitate the resettlement of the affected refugees in the aftermath of this tragic event.

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