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Figures reveals; PPS numbers have increased significantly in Ireland within a year

DUBLIN: PPS numbers in Ireland have increased significantly in a year, figures show. Last year, 306,000 PPS numbers were given. 68,884 PPS numbers were assigned to those who arrived from Ukraine. The number of people from other countries including India also increased.

Indians were allotted 13,815 PPS numbers in 2021. It increased to 21,471 last year. Highest number of PPS registrations among non-European countries.
Those arriving in Ireland for the first time are given a PPS number. Last year, there were 21,471 Indians registered. Their PPS numbers must have been received this year. If these figures are added together, approximately 25,000 Indians arrived in Ireland last year alone.

PPS were also gained in Ireland by Romania (15,581), Spain (9,310), Algeria (1,488), France (47,259), and Brazil (16,414).

Ireland’s PPS number assists people in obtaining social welfare benefits, public services, and employment in Ireland. Last year, 305,889 PPS numbers were issued. Of these, 56,954 PPS numbers are for children. Doctors, nurses, and care assistants are all on the PPS list. Many people work in medical services, hospitals, nursing homes, and the hospitality industry.

The figures reveal that in 2019, when no pandemic travel restrictions were in place, Ireland issued 196,177 PPS numbers, compared to 174,525 in 2021. In 2020, 132,001 PPS were issued.

These statistics demonstrate that people from all over the world are attracted to Ireland. But the government does not accept responsibility only when it comes to guaranteeing accommodation for those who come here. The crisis in the housing sector is keeping many people away from Ireland.

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